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Death Benefit

The amount that will be paid to the beneficiary of a life insurance policy upon the death of the insured party.

Debris Removal Clause

This pays for the insured's expenses to remove debris of covered property caused by a Covered Cause of loss. This does not include "pollutants" and must occur during the policy period and reported within 180 days of the occurrence.


An excluded amount or threshold for payment on an insurance policy. A $500 deductible would mean the insurance policy will start paying after they have deducted the first $500 the owe you.

Difference In Conditions (DIC) Coverage

DIC insurance provides coverage designed to close specific gaps in standard insurance policies and is usually available only for larger industrial or commercial risks. It allows coverage to be customized to extend to such exposures as water damage, flood, collapse, earthquake, landslide, etc., according to the insured's needs. DIC coverage may be provided by means of a separate insurance policy or it may be added by endorsement to the basic policy.

Directors and Officers (D&O) Liability Coverage

Almost any day to day decision or action by anyone in the organization can trigger a lawsuit. Of all the lawsuits brought against nonprofit organizations, more than 50% involve employees. Even with the most diligent efforts to prevent employment disputes, the following claims can and are often alleged against businesses:

Discrimination due to race, sex, age, national origin, religion, disability, or sexual orientation
Wrongful termination
Sexual harassment
Promotions and compensation
Interference with employment contract
Hiring decisions
Conflicts of interest
Libel, slander, and defamation of character
Failure to supervise employees
Invasion of privacy
Copyright infringement, misrepresentation of ideas, and unauthorized use of logos

Disability Coverage

A form of health insurance which pays a monthly or weekly income to you if you should become unable to work. In California, Hawaii, New Jersey, New York and Rhode Island it is an extention of their workers compensation coverage.

Double Indemnity

In life insurance, death due to certain causes will pay twice the death benefit. Some life insurance policies will pay multiples of the death benefit depending on cause of death (i.e triple indemnity).

Drive Other Car Coverage

Coverage applicable to employees or executives of a company or any other person who is supplied a company vehicle, but who does not own a personal vehicle, thereby not having personal automobile coverage. An endorsement may be added to the automobile policy of the company that furnishes the automobile, giving protection while the named individual or a member of his family is driving a car borrowed from a third party (other than the vehicle named in the policy). Individuals who are owners of the company qualify for the "individual named insured" endorsement, which includes family coverage. The drive other car coverage is usually added at little additional premium charge.


The structure of the home, namely the foundations, walls, floors, doors, windows, roof, plumbing, fixed electrical wiring, decorations, and insulation. It also includes permanent fixtures and fittings, such as kitchen units and fitted bedroom furniture.

The general rule is that everything immovable that would be left behind on removal is treated as 'dwellings', and everything else as 'contents'. Fitted carpets are however generally treated as 'contents'; and whether TV and radio aerials are treated as 'dwelling' or 'contents' varies between insurers. 'Dwelling' also extends to include outbuildings, garages, greenhouses and sheds; paths, drives, walls, and patios; and - for most of the risks covered by policy - fences and gates.